Saw Care Services

I offer comprehensive saw care services. Contact me by email at to learn more.

Sharpening - I subscribe to the saw maintenance methods of the Old Masters - Hodgson, Holly, Grimshaw, Disston, and others. All saws are filed-to-joint by hand and are set by hand. All saws are tuned to perform optimally for their intended task.

Cleaning - I clean the metal blade or plate of a saw using the method described on my Tool Tips page. Only Elbow Grease  is used (and a little bit of metal polish).

Saw Plate Straightening - Many vintage saws have plates that are curved, wavy, bent, or dented. While not all saws can be repaired, careful work with a hammer and anvil can remedy many of these ailments.

Handle Repair - Nearly any handle can be repaired with a little effort. I have apple, beech, walnut, and other species of wood to use as a patch to replace missing horns and chips. Water-soluble dyes are used to blend the repair with the rest of the handle.