Comments from my Customers

I recently sharpened a pair of 1880s vintage Disston back saws for a new customer. After receiving them, he sent me this note, "Got my saws today. You really did a good job. Thanks a lot. They cut as good as two $300 saws I have."











"This vintage Simmons saw I got from Bob Page is just amazing. It was originally a 9tpi cross cut but he changed that for me to a 9tpi rip cut. He’s sharpened a a couple of my other saws like my Florip and Lie Nielsen dovetail saws and they work better than new." 












"The biggest surprise in this new batch is the Disston 8 pt crosscut. It is so aggressive!.... and can take such a lot of speed and force. That saw has never had a hand filing. Always sharpened on the Foley. Wow! What a difference."