Removing the Spine from a Backsaw

There are many different ways to remove the spine from a backsaw. I believe that my method minimizes the amount of bending on the plate compared to clamping the saw in a vise and beating on the spine with a block of wood and a hammer.

  The key pieces are the two heavy angle iron pieces that are lined with leather to protect the saw and a slotted brass plate. Any metal is fine as long as it is softer than the spine.
  A small pry bar is used as a lever. The saw plate is clamped between the two pieces of iron in a woodworking vise. A large bench vise will work too.
  The brass plate is slipped under the spine to protect it from the tool during the removal process.
  The pry bar is placed under the brass plate. The bend in the pry bar acts as a fulcrum against the angle iron, pushing the spine upwards as the pry bar is pushed down. 
  Continue removing the spine by pushing down on the pry bar. It may be necessary to reposition the plate to get more leverage.
  Once the spine has been partially removed from the plate, it is rotated upward by hand to remove it completely.
To be continued...(spine installation!)